Thursday, 19 January 2012

Growing up is scary!

If I've realised anything in the past few weeks back in Bangor, is that growing up is scary.

I finished my exams on Wednesday (YAY!) so that led to a little celebration. Of shopping.
We went into town on the pretence to find a house, but more about that later, and I ended up buying a mascara, nail varnish and a new was on sale, I had to! 
It's a tight fitting cream dress which was down to £7 in H&M, I was about to take a picture for an OOTN then my camera died :( so below is a picture taken from a friend's camera - please bear in mind this was taken at 2:30am...I look a mess, but you can see the dress.
We went out last night as it was student night at one of the clubs, and a few of us had finished exams (the others hadn't and now can't face revising due to hangovers haha).
I ended up being the only sober one cause I had to look after everyone else. I'm not gonna lie, nights like these do start to annoy me as I feel like I can't relax as one of my friends is being harassed by a drunk local, or getting into a fight. Last night wasn't too bad.
But what was hilarious, was creepy Nick in a dog costume.
And a guy who I'd seen before out in a couple of nights out was just staring at my backside the whole night, don't get me wrong. There is nothing to stare at, he was just very drunk. However my drunk friends took great delight in this and wouldn't let me forget it haha!
After all of that, and getting in at half 3, we're all feeling pretty rough's a good job I don't have to revise anymore!

Back to growing up, it's scary.
The first 4 weeks back at uni in January is time to find a house!
Which means we actually have to view houses, pay rent, look at gas certificates about being renewed and check for damp! Now, I'm not sure about when you were/are/will be 18, but this seems like a massive deal and responsibility for being 18!
I'm doing it with 4 other people, 3 of my current flatmates and another one of our friends, it's very exciting ofc, but so scary. We've viewed 2 houses, and have put a 'safety net' on one of them. Trouble is, we still don't have much of a clue what we're doing, and 2 of my future housemates haven't actually viewed it yet. The official housing list doesn't come out until next Monday, when panic will ensue and who knows what will happen!!
We did a tour of Bangor's estate agents yesterday and put ourselves on waiting lists for student houses when their landlords get into contact.
With deposits, and retainers, electricity meters, sacrificing heating and signing contracts, I'm a little overwhelmed!

The one we put a 'safety net' on is the one on the right, although they're the exact same, courtesy of Google street view :)

Life can only get crazier.

I would also love to take this opportunity to say thank you to all you have commented wishing me good luck in my exams and revision - being 8 hours away from my family means that I don't get that encouragement as much during exams etc, so it really means a lot to me that you take the place of them and tell me good luck :)

Anyone else had ultra scary finding houses experiences?


  1. yes, very true, growing up is a bit scary but eventually when we get more mature as the days passess by, we can also say it is very fulfilling, a learning and interesting journey in life because we discover different and great things around us and it would really make us a strong and confident person in the end.... lovely dress!!! its great to see you wear that... very pretty lady...kissess!!!

    1. Ah thats really encouraging thank you! :)

      Thank you very much about my dress! xxx

  2. Growing up is definitely scary! It is both exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  3. Love your new dress :)

    I hope that your friends and you can find a perfect house for you all ^-^

    - xoxo Gigi ♥