Saturday, 7 January 2012

Hitting the Sales! What I bought :)

This little haul was bought over a couple of trips into town.
I've been SO restrained this year, as I know that I have to take everything I buy on the train back to Bangor, and at the looking a little impossible, so with that in mind, I haven't gone crazy.

First little thing is this bag, I bought it from Primark for £3, down from £7. I was in need of a new bag as my other was splitting at the seams where I carry too much in it. As this is a little smaller, hopefully I wont load it up too much!

Next are these little shoe boots, I bought them for £5 in Notting Hill. I needed a pair of proper shoes to go with my new brown trousers, as my current brown biker boots are very holey and make me look like a jocky with my trousers haha! I know Notting Hill is a £5 shop, but I had to keep making sure as I couldn't believe they could really be only £5!

I bought this necklace in Internacionale for £3, down from £5, I thought it was really pretty :)

The next two I didn't actually pay for, my parents did, just so you know.

These boots we got from the market. Finding boots has been a nightmare, as North Wales is so hilly and rainy, I needed some with a subtantial sole with good tread and they are very hard to come about!
So these were £20, and are perfect, you can kinda see the sole in the picture, it's just pure rubber with apparently the same sole as uggs. They're fur lined and laaavely!

Another North Wales essential, a warm coat with a hood! I've had a decent coat which has lasted me 3 years, but it doesn't have a hood which in the place which murders umbrellas in the wind, is a must! We found this one in the H&M sale, half price at £20. I love it! :)

I did also buy a hair doughnut, a hair ribbon and a pair of jeans :)
What have you all bought in the sales?! Any good bargains?

Would also like to say congrats to my THREE friends who got engaged this Christmas, there must be something in the water! :D

Hope you all had a fab week! :) xxx


  1. Ohh I love everything, especially those boots! x

  2. the necklace is so cute!!!