Wednesday, 25 January 2012

There once was a girl who lived in a pink house.

This girl's dreams came true when she found the most perfect house and she got to live with her best friends in the world. People really don't any better than these friends, and what's more, the house was pink! The pink house was picture perfect, 4 stories, and this girl was a very lucky girl and ended up with the biggest room! The pink house was just as she'd imagined, a perfect family house for her little family.

This girl is me :)

We found the most perfect house and we're in the process of signing contracts so it's officially ours!
When the housing list came out, we arranged to see this house, and from the outside..well, we weren't exactly impressed, but when we went inside, we knew we had to have this house. It was perfect.

Of course things weren't plain sailing, we asked for the house Monday evening after viewing it twice that day, and we were told that he'd have to think about it and make a decision in the morning as there were a few groups after it. This wasn't great news. So we waited, and waited, and waited. All day. At 4 in the afternoon we were told that the house had been offered to another group (by a member of said group) and that crushed us. Our dream house, wasn't ours. We looked at housing lists, rang landlords but most of the 5 bedroom properties were gone. We were really depressed at this point, just waiting for a call of rejection.

At 7, we got a call from the landlord, saying the house was ours!! The other group turned it down, and we were second choice!! :D I think we all had tears in our eyes, it was such a relief.

So we found the perfect house (which we can decorate and paint however we like), at the perfect price, with the perfect people.

Perfection :)

N.B - this isn't actually our house, I wish it was. But it is this colour!!

Of course we went out to celebrate last night. It was fun :)

Hope all your dreams are coming true too! :)



  1. Awh, sounds like you're going to have an amazing time living together! I wish I had the house in the picture too ;-) xx

    1. That house is amazing!!! I followed :) xx

  2. Lovely blog.

  3. Aww wow lucky you, the house sounds amazing! So lovely you will be living with your best friends too! The house in the picture is amazing, I'd love to live in it! XxxX

  4. That house looks amazing! :-)

  5. awwwww, this looks like my little sisters dolls house! love it. i'd love to see some pics of inside, i bet its got lots of character :) xxx

  6. ooh this is soo cute!