Monday, 9 January 2012

Every possible distraction.

Picture this, wearing my Dalmatian pyjamas, have drank about a gallon of tea today and have quite clearly given up on work.
Pretty picture eh?

Exam season has struck Bangor- and in turn has either made everyone absolutely depressed, or crazy.
There are two approached to exam season, either:
  • Lock yourself in your room, remove all possible distractions and work your fingers to the bone until you have the knowledge of the world in your brain.
  • OR, you find every distraction that there ever could be..and do that instead.
I have developed the latter attitude today, it's been very unproductive.
I had full intentions of waking up early to work lots and be fully prepared for my exam tomorrow, but then I actually woke up..I got a text from my friend asking whether I was going to the maths revision session. I wasn't, but decided it may motivate me for the rest of the day. So I went and that just confused me! There is actually a stats method called 'Poisson distribution' and that just makes me thing of fish, which then makes me think of something else, and then that makes me think of something else...and voilia, distracted.

I started revising this afternoon - I really did.
Trouble is, I think I've forgotten how to learn things!

At A Level I didn't have this problem - I  locked myself in our study with no distractions, turned off the internet, and spent 6 hours straight revising. I even hid my phone somewhere far far away so I didn't feel the need to text anyone how depressing it was. In the full knowledge that once I released myself from the study, I could go back to the normal world and be happy again.

This method is not working in Bangor! I've done about 3 hours revision today, which isn't good.

We got an email saying our assignment for the module the exam's in was in our pigeons holes and we could collect them. I wanted to find it out purely because it's worth 40% of our overall mark, and I thought maybe if I got enough, I'd only need a little bit in our exam tomorrow to hit the 40% pass mark for the year, and my panic would be over.
However, my panic is not over, we didn't get our results...and then I made myself feel better by going round my friends flat and eating flapjack& English.

Good news is, I finished my law assignment yesterday! :)

I know I revised at home, and have done over the past few weeks. So hopefully that'll be enough.


How is everyone else? January Blues hit anyone...or Monday blues in fact...

ps- Whilst writing this, I was dancing along to the Hairspray soundtrack - another beatiful picture for you?


  1. I'm pretty bad at getting distracted.
    My revision methodology was put some music on. Back in my day it was radio 1 I preferred but now I love Classic fm and Radio 3, classical music in the background isn't distracting and chances of singing along are slim ;)

  2. Good luck lovely, I was hopeless at revision

  3. Wow, you're working so hard! It will all pay off in the end, trust me. Good luck with all the modules and exams and everything else!

    Thank you so much for your comment on my recent post, my dear! It was really kind of you to comment. You weren't over-stepping at all. I love hearing what people think, the more opinionated the better. I definitely agree with you though. It was one of those late nights when nothing was going right, I had a lot of work to do, and the people who I wanted to speak to weren't replying... a giant snowball of blegh. (Vivid... haha.) Those days are normal and way too frequent for my liking, but I am so glad that you related to it. It really made my day. I love your blog; you're so interesting! Once again, thank you for following me and checking out my page and just being really cool.

    Lots of love xxx