Wednesday, 4 January 2012

You don't know what you got 'til you're sitting in the pub with them. (OOTN)

I've been home for the past 2 and a half weeks, and during that time I managed to be ill, have a family crisis, and a lack of a driving licence every time I was due to meet up with my friends from sixth form, rubbishness.

BUT I eventually got there! It was one of my friends birthdays yesterday and we went to the pub, nothing fancy, nothing too exciting. Perfect. 

I think since I'd gone to university, as I hadn't seen any of my sixth form friends, I'd been able to convince myself that I was okay with not seeing them (I had accepted this fate), and I'd survive.
And then I had a rubbish rubbish few days; including taking my brother back to Watford :(
At that point, I needed to see them.

So last night, we gathered to attempt to win a pub quiz. I can easily say I am the most useless person at pub quizzes. But it was so good to see my whole group again, there was like 30 of us in the corner of this pub, along with the rest of my year in the other 3 corners.
It was such a laugh, and I got to catch up with everyone I'd missed. The banter was unreal.

I realised that even though we're now scattered across the country, when we're all back in Essex, we can still laugh, and have as much fun as we used to.
My outfit of the evening is below :)

Shorts- Tailored ones from Select, featured many times on this blog!
Tights - Opaque black
Top - Christmas Present, has the cutest peter pan collar, you just can't see it with my hair in the way..
My hair is au naturel.
Kept it simple.

I have 4 exams and a law assignment I should be doing/revising for. Blaaaaa.

Hope you're all good :) xxx

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