Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Tea and Biscuits solve everything.

Since my last post I've gained a few new followers - so hello and welcome :)
It's still a crazy idea that people actually want to read about my life!

In my last post I kinda bitched about the male species, and unfortunately I still have no evidence to stop bitching about them, as they've been just as useless as before! However I would like to tell a little story; Last night I was manning the cloakroom at a local club (more on that later) and this young man started chatting to me. He was very nice, and went on his way. When he was rather drunk he came back he started to ask me whether I was a "forward person" (who says that?!), so he asked me out and asked to kiss me. I said no, cause he was drunk, and I'm not one to throw myself over a counter to kiss a stranger. So then he grabbed me and kissed me over this counter. I pulled away and he would leave me alone after that, but no. He then proceeded to call me boring, over and over again cause I wouldn't let him climb over the counter. I kid you not, this is the conversation I witnessed:

Drunk guys friend : "Are you chatting up the cloakroom again?"
(I laughed)
Drunk guys friend: "I'll take that as a yes then"
    (To drunk guy) : "Did you not strike out in there then?"
Drunk guy: "Nope"
Drunk guys friend: "So you're relegated to the cloak room then?"

Seriously- people have some cheek, I was standing right there!

*Rant over*

Anyway, last night I was part of a team to man the cloakroom at the student club. Basically any society can sign up to it on specific nights and then can keep any money they make. So I was there as part of the Christian Union, it was Cheese night in the club and was surprisingly busy for a Monday. It was a mad rush for some of the time, and other times we entertained ourselves my doing push ups on the metal bars. We ended up raising over £100 which is incredible! As next years treasurer for the CU, I am proper chuffed with that as I know what the money will be used for :)

The club closed at 3 last night, and it's my busiest days for lectures today. I had 10:00-11:00, 11:00- 12:00, 12:00-14:00, and 14:00- 16:00. All of that after 4 hours sleep isn't great haha. In fact, I should be in my Maths lecture at the moment, but I couldn't hack it after 4 hours of lectures already.

So I'm sat in my room drinking tea and eating biscuits (amazing discovery: Morrisons value chocolate digestives are amazing) hoping I will feel normal again before tonight!

I'm off out tonight and tomorrow so will have some outfit posts for you very soon :)

I hope you're all well!

Love, Elizabeth xxx


  1. Value biscuits in general are amazing, I swear. I love Tesco value custard creams!

    1. Haha they really are - this is the greatest discovery in a very long time for me haha :) xx

  2. I swear most of the cheap biccies are better than their branded counterparts. You've got me all peckish now...

    1. Just so true, they're so much nicer! The chocolate digestives are so nice with a cup of tea. Haha, me too now! xx

  3. amazing blog!!!i'm following you!!!

    1. Why thank you very much :) I hope you enjoy it! xx

  4. Love you blog!
    I'm following you! hope you do the same!

  5. Yummy x those cakes look good xx maybe we could follow each other xx

  6. Very cute blog! BTW just noticed you lived in Wales. I studied in Cardiff years ago for my undergrad! xo