Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Pausing a moment of happiness.

I stuck to my word, 2012 is a good year. I realise it's just started, but seizing every opportunity and making the most out of life is going well so far.

Yesterday I had my first exam, and y'know what? It wasn't too bad.
I woke up extra early to revise before my exam at 9am, and that seemed to do the trick..I don't think it went badly, yes I could have done better on the second question (my hand hurt so much, haven't written that much is so long!) but I have faith that I tried my hardest in the moment.

To celebrate, I did not much haha.
I had the intention of revising Accounting for tomorrow, but me and my flatmate just sat around and chilled, we were so stressed and worried about this exam - it was a massive weight of our shoulders. We spent the afternoon looking at funny videos on youtube, and watching hot guys vlogs. Hello j1mmyb0bba and his twin!

We went out last night, and it was the most fun I've had in so long! Me and my flatmate were planning on going out anyway, but it was my friends birthday too so we turned it into a birthday celebration with him and another friend. 
We were together, and we had so much fun dancing and laughing (and pretending to be a walrus).
I can't really tell you why it was so much better than other nights out, but it was,

There was a moment, during Living on A Prayer, we were all huddled in a circle for 'we gotta hold on' and I thought, "If I could pause time right now, I would be happy forever. I have my friends, and I'm happy" It was a moment of bliss.

The birthday boy got very drunk, and then him and our other friend got mistaken for a gay couple - hilarious.

I also met a very nice young man, who happened to look really similar to Joe Brooks (anyone else love him?! he's so lovely, sings amazingly well, and is so hot.) 

Joe brooks = pure love for him.

So anyone who looks like Joe is a winner for me.

Yes, this young man, who looked like Joe Brooks, who also happened to share my birthday, was very kind and bought me drinks. He made the last hour of my night very fun.

The last part kinda went down hill as our friend got very pissed off and stormed out of the club whilst we literally had to wrestle birthday boy out of the club as he refused to get off the dance floor when the club was closing. We don't blame birthday boy for this, as we told him to get drunk however we could have done with other friend's help as he'd be stronger than us two trying to get him. But it was very embarrassing, everyone stared. I'm pretty sure I wont be hearing from Joe Brooks lookalike anytime soon...

Also, I got pegged twice! They both had names on, I'm not really sure why or what was happening! They just appeared over and over again once I got rid of them. Hot guy told me I was sposed to buy the person a drink, does anyone else play by those rules?!

A couple of photos of the night:
Zara, me, birthday boy and Ben :)

 Me and Ben
 We love to poutttttt.
 Best Person Ever!
Because my flatmate would kill me if I didn't post it.
I secretly think Joe Brooks lookalike saw this and though 'now being a Walrus is a quality I like'


Back to revising! Accounting exam tomorrow. Oh dear.

How is everyoneeee? xxx


  1. love it, so perfect!

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  3. Really cool pictures :)
    It looks like you had a great time!

    I'm your new follower :) I hope that we can follow each other ♥