Monday, 5 September 2011

My Summer in photos :)

I thought I'd share some photos I've taken over the past few months of summer :)
My camera was well timed as I got it at the start of summer! Warning: Picture heavy post!

Flying over the alps, truly beautiful!

Taken on my patio in Malta, to the left was the sea, straight ahead was the bay :)

Flower on my patio.

Again, beautiful. Blue Lagoon in Malta.

I have at least 1000 pictures of Malta, but most of them have my family in them and I know they wouldn't appreciate me putting them on here.
I'll probably put some more Malta ones on random posts :)

These were at the zoo, anyone who knows me can tell you one things about me.
I go to so many, only been to two this year.
Anyway, the giraffe on the right was trying to get an apple out of the little basket and wasn't doing too well. Was funny to watch.


My salt and pepper shakers fell in love on my grass.
In actual fact, I got my camera that day and wanted to play haha.

Me and my brother went to see my favourite band, We Are The In Crowd.
I was at the front, just had a short pink haired person in front/to my side depending on how much we jostled about.

As you can see, we met them afterwards. It was literally amazing.

At our Summer Ball for the end of year 13.
Again, lots of pictures, but lots of people who don't want to appear on the internet :)

Soul Survivor - unbelievably fun.
We dressed up too :)

Me and my mumma did Water Zorbing- may do a separate post for this.
But it was so much fun, made me feel like a hamster!
Also, I am aware these aren't attractive, but it's hard to look nice whilst in a tiny ball!

And a little vein moment hehe.
My room was a mess I realise...

So there we are, a little glimpse of my summer in pictures.
I've had so much fun (minus the breakup!) but it ends in two weeks once I move to uni in Wales.
Still lots of fun though, going to go ape on Saturday, a catch up with one of my old best friends who I haven't seen in years before we go off to uni. And saying goodbye (which will be SO sad!)

Anyways, sorry this was so long.
Anyone got any photos of their own summer? I love looking :)

Ciao xxx

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