Thursday, 29 September 2011

Uni madness

I apologise for neglecting my blog for so long, It's been a bit manic, with ups and downs, lectures, parties, and friends.
So I'll start where I left off, I've started lectures now, and I've started the proper ones rather than the introductory ones. And one word comes to mind: Panic.
The one's that I've had are REALLY hard. And on a few occasions I have questioned my place at university. Take today's for example, my 9:00 lecture was 'Quantative methods' which just screams numbers to me, which is never good. I have never been made to feel so stupid and little in my life. I mean, maybe I didn't have the best maths education in my school, certainly not as much as others, and I'm definitely not gifted in the maths dept. But she was going through quadratic equations, opening and multiplying brackets and fractions. But when i say going through, I mean just saying 'you all know how to do it, yes?'. But when there's 200 people in a lecture hall, its not the best time to pipe up.
So I've the afternoon in my room with my flatmate (who did A Level maths) whilst he teaches me GCSE level maths. I feel so stupid.
My second lecture today, was so unbelievably boring it was awful. I understood about 2 words the lecturer said because he mumbled SO much, so the module's really going to go well, its a law one too..hard. We then had a law library talk, which went on for hoursssssss, the woman even drew a map of the library, yes really.
But that's enough about work.

I went to a foam party last night, and although fun and exciting beforehand, once the foam went over my head, soaked my through and in my eyes so I couldn't see, it wasn't pleasant. I felt really vulnerable and had to get outta there, wasn't fun. We left early because I got hit in the head, which was painful, and I didn't wanna stick around..

On the plus side, my flatmates are still amazing (esp maths geniuses!) and it's been so hot the past 2 days. Shorts, vest and sunglasses in Wales! A-maazing.

Here are a few pretty pictures I took when I went out for a walk..once I'd got bored of maths haha :)

How is everybody? xxx


  1. Great photos. :))

  2. Lovely images!! Oh, no need to apologize for the delay, everyone has times they can't blog for one reason or another ;)

    Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi

  3. Nice pictures!