Tuesday, 20 September 2011

University Antics

Life is good.
Never thought I'd say that after last week haha. But I finally get why everyone says university is amazing.
Me and my 3 (sane) flatmates have formed a little gang, and we're all good friends. I'm genuinely blessed that I got such amazing ones!
I've done the formal welcome, health and safety talk, and talk about modules.. with the most boring guy I've ever witnessed, he talked so slow, and repeated everything twice, we were in there for 2 hours! And I'm choosing my modules today.
On to the interesting things, I wasn't expecting any nightlife at all, being in the middle of nowhere and to be honest, that was on of the selling points. I don't drink which makes dancing with hundreds of drunk freshers not that much fun. But I was wrong! On Sunday night we went to a new club called Embassy (and octagon and Oscars, but they weren't interesting enough to blog about!) It was a bit of craziness, lots of drunk dancing around me, lots of grabbing and being drawn on. At some points I did feel quite vulnerable with the knowledge that I was the only sober person there and I  had no idea what to do if the touching up of me and my friends got worse. But it all ended fine, we got back at 3ish, and I wasn't mentally scarred haha! 
Last night we went to another new place called Academi, it was cheesy music night, no more explanation needed. It was better, how could it not be with S Club 7? haha. But we were so tired from the night before that it was only half hearted and got back about half 1.
That's the update of uni adventures, no doubt there will be lots more this week!

This and mountains is the view from most of the town and university, bliss :)

How's everybody else? Any adventures? xxx

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