Friday, 2 September 2011

My 18th Birthdayyyyy! :)

I've patiently waited to turn 18, I'm one of the youngest in my year.
EVERYONE (apart from one) turned 18 before me, and it was starting to get very frustrating, but I go there, and it's very exciting :)
I got my provisional, and I got to use it as ID for the first time last week, it's the small things..

Anyways, I was a very spoilt girly this year.
I got a fujifilm z90 red camera in July which was my main birthday present, I was just given it before we went to Malta so I could document our fun! It's my pride and joy, I don't exactly have the best track record with cameras, and have broken more than I care to recall, so I'm guarding this one with my life!
Google image obvs :)
It's the most gorgeous camera, i love it! It's slim enough to put into my pocket, and the slide down function is very practical. So far it's survived Malta, the zoo, Soul Survivor, my party, Wales and soon Go Ape (!) :)
I also got Tresemme heated rollers, I'd been lusting over them for a while, and my mumma manged to get them for me! They really do give volume and a slight curl, they're definitely coming to uni with me :) I'll have to take a picture once I've used them!

I got lots of other bits and pieces, but I wont name them all.
BUT my aunt was very very lovely, and got me a Tiffany's bracelet :D
It's gorgeous, and again, I'm guarding it with my life!
Below is my haul, and my Tiffany's bracelet :)

Also, as mentioned in a previous post, I went to Wales for the weekend to do a reccy for uni, and this is two of the many photos I took :)

He was fishing in the middle of the lake! Madness!

Anyone else had a birthday recently? Was it fun?

Ciao xxx

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