Friday, 9 September 2011

Uni packing and things.

So it's no secret I'm going to university. Far far away.
Not purposefully at all. In fact, if I could I would bring Wales to the neighbouring town to me and my family. I'm dreading leaving home, for me it kinda signifies leaving my happy childhood behind and that's a really sad thought. I know that uni's going to be a massive exciting adventure, meeting new people and doing lots of new things. But there still is a part of me that really wishes I was going to a London uni where I could commute and not leave home. I'm a proper homebody, there is no denying that, I think my parents secretly think I wont make it at uni and will come crying home soon enough, just because I'm so close to them and my brother, and being 7 hours away from them isn't filling me with joy!
However, on the plus side, I'm going to gain a lot of independence, which I know is a very good thing! My brother is moving away to Watford in October, so even if stayed, it wouldn't be the same home I knew and my best friend (who I'm still planning on fitting in my suitcase!) will be going to university next year, and leaving home, so even though it feels like I'm leaving everything and everyone, I'm just the first person to leave!

Sorry for that.. I just felt I needed to say it haha.
Moving means packing! Now, I know I'm unusual in this, but I LOVE packing, I guess it just means that you're always going somewhere exciting to have some new adventures :)
I move in a week and a day, so I decided I'd start sorting out my cosmeticy things.
I have a massive collection of creams, files and pots of exciting things. But there is no way it can all fit in my uni room let alone my car. So sadly I have to decide not to take some!
My jewellery collection is ridiculous too haha. I have a jewellery box, two cosmetic cases, a little box and a jewellery stand lady. Seen below (she's fairly empty because I put all of it in a pile to make a decision!)

But in the end I managed it.
Hard decisions haha!
I decided on my favourite, my special pieces and every day things.
To take it I decided to put it in my jewellery travel case, but that might change before I go.

And these are the pieces I decided to give to charity :)
I threw away loads, lots of broken necklaces and bracelets, goodness knows why I had them!

And finally, this is how far I've gotten to preparing/packing so far...

Anybody know anyone else going to uni? Or moving?

Ciao xxx

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