Thursday, 15 September 2011

The saddest of goodbyes.

So I'm leaving on Saturday, at 5 in the morning.... I hope my new flatmates don't mind me looking particularly bedraggled when I get there aha.
I've (almost) packed, most things are sorted, and it's starting to be more real now.
I've met my neighbour through facebook and he seems lovely, and potential flatmates (depending on how the numbering works..)
So the hard bit's left to do, saying goodbye.
Now I hate saying goodbye, because I really do tend to miss people an awful lot.
On Sunday I said goodbye to my best best friend which was very sad, but also hopeful of the future and another one of my close friends who I hadn't seen in about a year, so a hello drink was probably more appropriate than a goodbye one!
But also I said goodbye to my family. Not by blood but by being the most amazing people alive. My church and youth group, they're my extended family and they mean the world to me, and as much as my actual family do.
Some in particular were sad, but others were bittersweet knowing we were going on to do exciting things.
One thing which was lovely was that I got adopted! Not literally adopted. It's a thing we do in our church, when the students going away are 'adopted' by other people in the church, so they keep in close contact, send them letters, updates, other treats, and keep them in prayer :) I've been adopted by my old youth leader, and that means a lot to me as they've really looked after me in the past years and have even let me stay at their house for a week a time :)

Today I said goodbye to one of my other best friends, it was supposed to be a 'business crew' meetup (we all sat together in business studies everyday) but organising the boys was just so hard we did our own little private one :) It was lovely to spend time with her, but also wish her the best as she really is a genius and will do so well in her life.

And tomorrow is my leaving meal with my family.

Do you want to see my efforts of packing? I have SO much stuff, my dad has actually hired a bigger car to take me there hahaha.

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