Sunday, 11 September 2011

Going Ape!

As previous blogged, I turned 18 a couple of weeks ago!
My youth group and my best friend are the cutest and the most thoughtful people alive, and this is why..
A couple of months ago, I suggested going to a high rope place for a friends birthday, but after deciding they were too scared and would never do it we dropped it.
HOWEVER, my best friend planned and plotted, and organised a trip to go ape for me for my birthday! She got my youth group to chip in money so I wouldn't have to pay, and and organised transport and things. Bearing in mind they're all 13-16, and my ticket was £30, this is a massive thing for them.

So yesterday, we went to go ape! :D
There were 4 of us, because of the cost each but that was just perfect.
Our training instructor found out it was my birthday and made a little demonstration of me haha, and he was practicing his flirting skills on me to say the least. It made it hilarious but oh so awkward whilst he was tightening my harness round my waist, legs and everywhere in between!
The course and experience was both terrifying, hard and difficult!
It was very high, but you got used to it after realising how scary the rest of it was.
If you didn't distribute your weight on the many log/rope/tiny rings appropriately, it would over balance and then slip off. If you didn't do it quick enough you'd end up doing the splits with your legs on two different ones screaming haha. The rope/Tarzan swings into a cargo net was terrifying. Especially on one particular, in which the rope you were attached to was longer than the platform you were standing on, which led to throwing yourself off and then plummeting (at that point I believed to my death because I hadn't clipped myself on properly) until the rope got taught and then swung you onto the cargo net.
The zip wires (info from the website) were 20 meters off the forest floor, which was just amazing as the view was just amazing, and 250meters long. Hello scary.

But I manned up, and did it all, throughout lots of "God please don't let me die" In fact, my friend behind me told me I'd said that every time I was faced with something aha.

It was SO much fun, 'challenging', and really gets the adrenalin rushing. Especially as it was wet and slippy. I've got a few rope burns!

Picture's from the website.
But that was one of the many nets we swung into.

It was an amazing day, and I was so touched that everyone had chipped in to let me do something I've always wanted to do!

Has anyone else been to a go ape?

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