Friday, 23 September 2011

Bangorian Adventures.

So university's amazing. Tiring, but amazing. Fortunately, my body clocks gotten used to little sleep at 4 in the morning this week, so I haven't been really tired during the days like earlier in the week.
We've done a treasure hunt, freshers fair x2, bought masses of decorations for my flatmate's birthday, and ate lots of free pizza.
They gave out free domino's pizza vouchers at freshers fair and in and around the town, so naturally I have about 10 in my room ready to be used. Only thing is, Domino's is down the hill so that means we have to walk back up the hill haha.
We've started to make our flat more homely, i.e loads of mess everywhere, but more importantly..we have put up a one direction poster in the kitchen so we can stare at their beautiful faces.

Louis is our favourite, him being more our age making it less weird haha.
I'll take pictures of our decorated flat, we went a bit crazy in the pound shop ahah. But it'll be good because the guy who's birthday it is, doesn't know about it yet :)

On to the nightlife, we've continued to go out every night, naturally ;)
We've been to embassy again, a place called Base (which was rubbish, it was 11:45, and we were the only one's on the dance floor!) and Octagon. the night at Embassy was really good, as it was a silent disco, so everyone had headphones and looked a bit crazy, but it was so good :)

Will take more pictures, and update soon.
How is everyone else doing?!


  1. Ah my goodness, I LOVE One Direction and I think the same as you that Louis is almost my age so it makes it ok to like him!! He is such a babe though!! Your blog is gorgeous by the way :) xxxxx