Friday, 2 September 2011

Apologies: Busy Busy Busy!

Time for a massive sorry, it's been weeks since I did a blog..but I've got good excuses!
The last one I did was I came back from Soul Survivor, well since then the following things have happened:
  • I turned 18! YAY.  Lots of busyness ensued!
  • I had my 18th party, I don't think I've felt so loved in a long time!
  • I got my A level results, and got into my first choice of university :D
All of that in 4 days haha.
  • I slept lots to recover haha..
  • I went to Wales for the weekend, we did a reccy of uni and things. The aim was to get a job before I got there so I wouldn't be a poor AND starving student haha. Even if nothing comes of it, it certainly put my mind at ease a little bit of going so far.
  • Going round lots of people's houses who think the world is ending as I'm going away so lots of free lunches at people's haha :)
  • I broke up with my boyfriend - yes, not so happy. In fact, I was very sad for a while hence the silence..but he's silly and doesn't deserve my sad time (rant over)
  • Lots of sudden parties.
  • Again, slept lots to recover..
BUT I'm back to normality now :)
I've got 2 weeks until I move, scary! But I've bought lots of things and I'm feeling a kinda prepared.

Posts will follow with pictures of my adventures :)

Has everyone else been busy busy busy too?

Ciao xxx

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