Friday, 2 December 2011

I'll be back! (imagine that in Arnold Schwarzenegger's voice)

So this is a short post to let you know I'll be back regular posting soon.
I've had a bit of a tough week in a few ways, so posts have come to a bit of standstill.
Our flat is a little bit down at the moment so that doesn't help, but amongst arguments, tears and bitchiness that all came to a head last weekend, we're starting to settle down now.

Also, I've had to change my tablets this week and although they seem to be working a lot better than my old ones, my bodys taking a while to get used to them, on top of that I've got a virus, so generally feeling yucky and blaahhh..
Work is an overload and with so many exams in January, revision should really be started.

I'll be back soon with christmassy posts and the such like!
How are you lot? xxxx

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