Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Lecturer's gone wild.

So the title may be a little deceiving.. I just had to comment on a few of my lecturers. I have one crazy one for intro to Business and Management, but he is hilarious and makes the hour go a lot quicker. I have one 5-6 this afternoon, how crazy, but he'll make it a lot better :)
I have an Economics Lecturer who is a less attractive version of Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock, if you didn't know!) which isn't a bad thing at all. But I mean less attractive! And he goes over the hour a lot, like today it got to 1:00 and we were all raring to go, and he started on another batch of slides...annoying.

Another one is a little like Sarah Millican. Now don't get me wrong, I love Sarah Millican, she is my favourite comedienne by far, and going to see her record Sarah Millican's support group was one of the funniest expereiences of my life. However, my lecturer doesn't posess her hilarity, but does have her looks and her voice, just a much more squeaky and annoying version. And given that she is teaching my least favourite module and I dread the moment I have to walk into the classroom.

My law lecturer is the biggest mumbler EVER! We had a 2 hour lecture last week, and the only thing I undestood was that he was a twin, and that he grew a beard but it doesn't suit him. Helpful...mumble mumble.

Anyway. Lectures are in full swing, and trying to write up notes, learn everything I don't understand in my spare time and managing to survive is going surprisingly well. I've even got a social life..I know, shocking.
I'm part of the Christian Union, so I have church with lots of students on Sunday, a Hall Group with 20ish of us on Monday Evenings, and Christian Union main meeting on Thursday Evenings. So lots of people :)
On top of that, I'm still going out lots with my flatmates. In fact, on Saturday, Comedy Dave and Dom (Radio One DJ's, co-hosts with Chris Moyles) came to Bangor! They didn't make much difference, they played the same songs as any other local DJ would have, however, I did get to shake Comedy Dave's hand, which made my day! Haha.

How has everyone else's weeks been?

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