Saturday, 10 December 2011

Outfit of the night :) Elf dress up #2

Wednesday nights at Occy are student nights, and last week the decided to spring a charge on us!
Usually it's free before midnight, but they changed it to £2 after 10:00pm, but free before 11:30 if you're in dress up.. so there was only one thing we could do, dress up! :)

In the months I've had this blog, I've already shown me dressing up 3 times, so as you can tell, I love it haha. This week was a little unsavoury for me however.. the theme was 'Sexy Santa'. The thing is with nightclubs, especially occy, the DJ's scream things like "where are all those dirty girls" and "Ohhh that one's got bigger tits than I've ever seen" about random girls when they're like 40 year old men. It may be that I'm a bit of a prude, or just being a Christian influences how I see things differently, but I really don't enjoy that bit.
Don't get me wrong, people can do whatever they like, I'm not against it, I just don't enjoy it. So the sexy santa theme kinda lended itself to girls wearing outfits that hardly covered anything, which is absolutely fine for them, I just can't take part in that.
*serious bit over haha*
So I dressed as an elf!! A little differently to the one before, to make it a little more interesting.
This was the finished product: 

Excuse the quality - I was trying out different settings for my self timer :)
  • Elf hat - Poundland. They do still sell these, but with ears...I took mine off cause they looked horrific on me haha.
  • Brown Vest - £3.50 Peacocks. 
  • Red top - I do voluntary weeks at home and we do community work, we get t-shirts for a corporate identity. This was one of my old ones for 2007/6ish, and I cut it up and was wearing it inside out.
  • Black skirt - School range in Tesco, no idea how much it was
  • Tights - 2 pairs of skin coloured tights 
  • Liquid eyeliner - Avon Lasting wear
  • Mascara- Collection 2000 Super Size Lashes/ Collection 2000 Skyscraper
  • Lipstick - Barry M, Sunset 151
  • I curled my hair :) 
When we got there, I was wearing my coat and we got to the booth where you had to pay. She looked at me and was like 'you have your hat, and yes okay you're wearing a santa dress', obviously I wasn't but I wasn't going to argue for free was I! But apparently, they had strict instructions to only let girls who were dressed up in these sexy santa dresses...I think that's a little too far. You had to dress questionably to be able to get in for free... obviously I didn't haha, but I still thought that was too far.
I went to the uni christmas fair and bought the most gorgeous teacup necklace, I'll show a picture in the next post.

Going to watch Arthur Christmas and some fireworks with my flatmate today..trying to feel christmassy!

Anyone else got an christmas dress ups? Or Christmassy things this weekend?

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