Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Christmas in Bangor :D

Christmas is hereeee :D
I'm finally feeling more chrismassy -despite dressing as an elf in the middle of November, I haven't felt the least bit Christmassy...until now!

So on Saturday, my flatmates were either at work/home/or actually doing work SO I decided to surprise them and decorate the flat :)
I made a Christmas tree out of a cereal box and coloured it in (so much colouring yesterday!)

This is where the One Direction Poster was in our kitchen, it got taken down by my warden for being a 'fire hazard'. Personally, I think she was jealous that we had a One Direction Poster and she didn't, so now it's living on my bathroom door :) 

I googled how to make paper doll chains, and made a few rows of them, and this was the end result! :) 

The lighting's a bit rubbish, but you get the picture, these are on the wall next to the one above in the kitchen.

Next I made some snowflakes out of paper - I am particularly proud of these, because I think they're very pretty :) I also made a paper chain out of plain white paper. I put them on the windows in the kitchen and some on the kitchen door. And it all resulted in a festive kitchen :D

Ignore all the rubbish on our table, the cleaner puts anything on the work surfaces in a pile on the table and half the stuff never gets moved afterwards. 

What do you think? :)

My 2 flatmates that are here at the moment didn't seem too thrilled haha, but my other 2 flatmates haven't seen it yet..so hopefully a better reception from them :D 

As I'm a very fortunate girly, I have 2 advent calendars this year, my parents bought me one when they came to visit and I was very kindly sent another one by my old youth worker from church. 
It always makes my day to have my chocolate. And also is a fab way to count down the days till I go home.  I'm so looking forward to going home, literally can't wait!!! 

Finally, I said I'd post a picture of my nails when I have my new Rimmel Double Decker Red which I blogged about here on. Apologies for the chips, I've been wearing it since last Thursday. The colour is so gorgeous, the camera really doesn't do it justice. It's a very Christmassy colour too :D 

Is everyone else chrismassy yet? Any pictures of decorations? 


Also, last night me and my flatmate had a bit of a sugar rush at midnight and decided to draw our flatmates as snowmen (its weird I know ha)
But this is on our front door, and the one on my door is below.. :)

There's an inside joke about the carrots, they take the mick outta how I say Lasagne (they're northern and I say it too Southern haha), you've heard about Creepy Tom here (it's a funny story for those that haven't read it haha) and one direction on my body. Also I have a panda hat..hence the panda hat :)

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