Saturday, 31 December 2011

Reflection on 2011.

2011 was a big year, the biggest yet I'd say. 
So many things happened to make me who I am today. 
Each year me and my best friend always say "well, it's been an interesting year" and laugh about all the dramas we'd gotten ourselves into (mainly concerning the male species haha!)
Picture Heavy Post- just a warning!

In 2011
A guy at sixth form tried to destroy my social life and the rest of me through rumours, bitching, back stabbing and lots of horrible bits.

I finally started going out with my prince charming who I'd been admiring from a far for a year and a half haha!

I did my A Level Exams and survived! (yay!)

Left sixth form forever! 

I went to an initimate gig with my favourite band and met them afterwards!

I went to my Summer Ball!

I went on a massive once in a lifetime holiday to Malta with my family and it made memories to last forever!



I spent the summer with my (then) boyfriend and had the most perfect summer ever! (All photos included him and he wouldn't be ever so happy if they were on the internet haha!)

I turned 18, finally not a baby! 

I was a youth leader on a summer camp and it was the best ever year (and I've been 7 times now!)

I got my A Level results and managed to surprise myself and everyone else!

I got into university :D 

Went seperate ways with boyfriend as he couldn't handle long distance

Said goodbye to my family and friends which was the hardest thing I've ever done.

Moved to North Wales and started university.

Met the most amazing people at uni who have changed my life

Actually having to become an adult with cooking and cleaning and everything!
I said it had been a big year. So much has happened, and most of it all amazinly lifechangingly good! 
I've never laughed so much than I have this year, with new friends, new jokes, and old friends and memories <3

I can only hope that 2012 is filled with as much love and laughter as this year has been.
Those that read my blog can come to their own conclusions, but I am a very blessed and fortunate girl with the most amazing people in my life, who love and care for me. I try not to take it all for granted. I may moan and winge, but I know how lucky I am compared to others.
I'd like to thank God, my family and friends for giving me a life I don't deserve.

I hope you all have a blessed 2012 and look forward to reading all your blogs and getting to know you all that little bit better next year. 

Happy New Year :) xxx

All photos taken by myself or my family.


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