Monday, 12 December 2011

A weekend of Chrismassyness! (and seal spotting: when dogs attack)

So I'm feeling festive finally! :)

I had such a fab weekend, I thought I'd share it with you.

On Saturday, I went to see Arthur Christmas with my flatmate. It looked very childish, and it was...but it was also awesome! It was such a cute christmas film, would definitely recommend it, and will now be on my list of christmas films to watch every year! We were also the oldest ones in the cinema by far..average age was about 5 haha.  (minus parents of course)

We then went to the christmas fair in the town centre, it was like a proper funfair with rides and fire eaters and reindeer's (we didn't manage to see them though :( ) and a fireworks display..and it was impressive and a half! It started kinda small, and then it properly started, and man was I impressed! They were massive and looked so gorgeous, and that made us feel mega festive!
Then X factor to top it off :)

Sunday, I went to church in the morning and that was really good, I think I'm really appreciating the church I found in Bangor right now, they're all so friendly, and I'm really learning a lot from it. But I really do enjoy it, rather than it being a chore on Sunday morning. 

Next, we went seal spotting!!
My flatmate does marine biology, and also drives with a car in Bangor! (best thing ever) He was told about a secluded bay where seals gather so we made an afternoon of it.
We had to do a bit of cliff climbing up a dirt mud track to get there which was rather dangerous haha, I slipped down the hill on the cliff which wasn't pleasant and the steepness of the track going up and down was very worrying at times..but we eventually got to the bay, and there were seals already there!
We stayed there for an hour or so and we saw 4 seals, a couple came very close to the shore so we got a chance to see all of them from the top of the cliff. It was so lovely to see them in the wild, as I'd only seen them in sealife centres/sanctuaries/zoo's before. 

In the first picture there are 3 seals if you can spot them, and the second is one of the seals that almost came out.

My flatmate gave me a heart attack at one point, where she was only about 10cm away from the edge of the cliff because she kept on edging back after a dog was chasing her. She was so close to falling and she didn't even realise. When I saw it happen, I screamed at the top of my voice trying to get her to stop. It could have ended so differently, and I'm really thanking God that no harm came to her!
Apart from that, we had so much fun, and was so cool to see the seals!

In the evening, I went to another carol service, and it was so cute! The whole hall was lit up with fairy lights and we sang all the classics, was gorgeous. And I could belt them out! Seriously felt so good to belt out 'Oh come let us adore him' on the last line when we all got louder..

The whole weekend wiped me out, and I finished it by watching the x factor final results.
So glad Little Mix won! They totally deserved it, not just because Jesy's from Romford haha.

Also, this is a picture of the teacup necklace I spoke about last post...

How has everybody else's weekend been?!



  1. Loooooove your necklace!