Friday, 14 October 2011

Little Update.

Hello! :)
This is a short and sweet post just checking in really.
I'm going to do a longer post with my haul from today (naughty naughty buying clothes as a poor student!) but I just attempted to take photos of my bits but the light is so horrendous in here, so I'll do them tomorrow! But I got some really nice bits, 3/5 were on sale, score! It's so true about retail therapy!
I had some friends round after Christian Union, and one of them managed to offend every person in my flat rather well. And made some very inappropriate comments and questions....he's been the talking point of the day in my flat!

My flatmate's girlfriend has come to visit from Austria, which is lovely for them. Just very awkward for us. You see, my wall is very thin, and on the other side of my bed and wall, is his bed.. with him and his girlfriend. Awkwaaaaard. I've heard them twice, and I'm planning on staying in my flatmates room tonight to save myself from any more!

I hope you're all well and will definitely do a longer post tomorrow or Sunday! :)

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