Friday, 21 October 2011

My room :)

So it occurred to me that I've been living in my room for the past month (!!) and a half, and made it all homely, but haven't posted a picture of it yet.
So here it is :)

My noticeboard is covered with photos from (surprisingly doesn't help homesickness at all!)
Each photo is really special to me <3
It's littered with quotes and Bible verses which are really important to me, such as "Be true to yourself", something my dad told me just as they were about to leave when they bought me here.
I have a few other things pinned up, like leaflets/stickers/bands from the very memorable freshers week. As well as my timeable, the list of books I've bought, and my registration for my weekend away with the CU.
Above are my shelves, obviously, which have a few more photos which are extra special (with my fam in Malta, and on holiday with my best friend), a few cuddly toys which are very special, my folders and notes, my heated rollers, heat defense spray, perfume and a lollypop from freshers haha!

Excuse the mess.
My mirror on my window ledge, awkward when doing my makeup in it and then people walk past the window thinking I'm staring at them...(on ground floor!), the photo my best friend gave me for my birthday, a few cards I've been send, textbooks, my very special red panda, Internet cable, books, and other little bits.

That's my room!

Hope you're all good :) xxx

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