Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The longest cold ever.

So I've been at university for 6 weeks on Saturday, which means that I have had some sort of cold or flu for approximately 5 and a half weeks!
I'm not even kidding, I'm still ill!! It started off with freshers flu, which wasn't good, and then it kinda petered out until it was sniffles. But each time I go out for the night it comes back in full force in the morning! Which means an awful lot of sneezing/coughing/sniffling, attractive I know.
A guy who was sitting behind me in one of my lectures last week has even labeled me 'coughing girl' because that's all that I was doing for the hour. 

Obviously being ill is taking it's toll, so I don't feel great, lots of headaches and being unbelievably tired. For example, last night I was the most useless part of a pub quiz, I didn't have a clue haha, but me and my flatmate were so tired, we left at 9:00, and I was in bed by half past. That's definitely a record for me!

Plus I have an exam today, it's worth 20% of my whole year grade, and it's a bit of a case of I've revised everything I possibly can about 1000 times, but I still don't feel as if it's enough, so I blogged instead haha. But it's my accounting exam, and I have another next week worth the same in maths. Now, I am definitely mathematically challenged, numbers just do not work for me, I've been to every extra session I can and I still don't get half of it, but I'm persevering! It's just so hard.

On the plus side, my parents are coming to visit this weekend :D It's been 6 weeks without seeing them, and I'm so excited to see them. And then the next week I'm going home for reading week, so much excitement to see my friends again :D

How is everybody else?? xxxx

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