Friday, 28 October 2011

Outfit of the Night :)

On Wednesday night we went to Occy (surprise surprise!) and this is what I wore: :

I am aware it's a dodgy photo, but I had to bend down because the heels were so high it cut off my head! 

So the outfit:
  • Top - New look, new generation range, on sale £5 (see haul here)
  • Skirt - Tesco, school uniform (aged 11-12 ha, hence the uniform) 
  • Necklace - New look, £2.50, again, see haul.
 Hair courtesy of my flatmate curling it :)

Shoes also from my lovely flatmate.

They were so high!

We had a fun night. 
Tomorrow we're dressing up as teenage mutant ninja turtles. We've made shells and masks and everything, with green body/face paint. Gone all out, I'll make sure I post a few pictures. 

Anyone else dressing up for Halloween? xxx

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  1. Those shoes are great!

    I wish I was dressing up for Halloween :(