Sunday, 9 October 2011

Birthdays and Beaches

Thursday was my flatmates birthday!
We've had 3 out of 5 birthdays in 2 weeks, and the 2 that haven't been aren't even in term! So we had lots of celebrations over the past few weeks.
We went to a place called 'The Greek'. It was loveeeely, its so cool inside! You go into a little alleyway shop front and then inside it's like a proper greek tavern set outside (but undercover) so little patios and stone walls with traditional trees (fake i guess) and fences, and it's so cute! It had such a nice vibe to it, and was fairly quiet which was nice because it was about half 11 by the time we got there, so was nice to relax a little.

I got this from a restaurant review website, but this is basically the main inside bit :)

On Friday night, 2 of the birthday girl's friends came down to stay for a night was interesting.
They turned up drunk, which obviously wasn't a problem, just egged on the rest of my flatmates to join them!
We went to Occy again, and it was good for the first 2 hours or so. But then my shoes started to hurt (as always) but having to look after 5 drunk people isn't that much fun.
Don't get me wrong, I love each and everyone of my flatmates, and their friends, but it was just one of those nights which wasn't fun unless you were on the same level as everyone else.. and as I don't drink, I was definitely not on their level! So I left at 2, kindly escorted by the mature student from my flat, after I had just had enough! I think they left at 3, and by the sounds of it, and judging by going into my kitchen on Saturday morning finding several hungover people sprawled across the floor, I made the right decision.

Anyways, Saturday was so good.
I went to a place called Rhosnigre in Anglesea with the CU. 
We caught the train there, and ended up in a pub for lunch. Finding somewhere to eat for 26 hungry students wasn't easy, and the pub staff certainly did panic when they saw us! But it was literally the nicest food, it might not have been, but I've been living off student cooking (ie pasta, frozen things!) for the past 3 weeks, so it was so nice to have a proper meal cooked for me. I had half a chicken, salad (healthiest thing in 3 weeks) and chips, and it was good.
We went to the beach afterwards, which was beaaaaaaaautiful! 
Ultimate Frisbee was played, a little paddle, wrote things in the sand, climbed over rocks and went looking for crabs. It was so much fun, and really nice to know more people within the CU.
Below are a couple of photos I took on my phone (hence the quality), I'm going to have to back with my camera!

Thankfully, the weather held up until we got to the train station, so it was ultimately a really lovely day out :)

It's half one, and I've been to church and back, cleaned the kitchen and been sitting here for the past half hour, and my flat is still asleep!

How is everyone else? What did you do at the weekend?

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  1. I hope the rest of your Sunday was relaxing x