Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Outfit of the day!

So I'm going to try and do a few regular posts, for outfit of the day, face of the day/night (it always looks better at night haha) and things. So this is my first outfit of the day! Again, I apologise for the lighting/mirror/standing on chair, I'll have to figure out an easier way of doing it, plus the lighting is rubbish.

So from head to toe,
  • Hair, au naturel.. my hair's natually straight, although tempremental in Wales. I have had a hat on most of the day, because it's freezing, so I haven't done much with it today.
  •  Pale pink vest top - Topshop, approx £4 I think, I got it last year.
  • Navy blue cardigan - H&M, got it for my birthday, however they do still sell it.
  • Demin Skirt - Peacocks, I got it for £3 in the sale a couple of years ago.
  • Grey cable tights - I love these ones! They're from tesco, and picked them up when it was double clubcard points off clothing, so got them for 50p, score!
  • Belt- Peacocks, got it as a set of 3, brown, black, and this purple flowery one £4, 2 weeks ago.
  • The Slippers - M&S, as a gift 2 christmases ago, they're so warm and fluffy.
  • Necklace- New Look, was a gift approximately 4/5 years ago from my best friend, but still a lovely necklace :)

Gone for bare essentials today, very bare :
  • Miss Sporty Eye Pencil - 001
  • Collection 2000 SuperSize Fat Lash Mascara - 1 Black.
Like I said, bare essentials. I got up for an 8am maths lecture, I couldn't be bothered.
That was today :)

Did you enjoy this post? Would you want me to do these as a regular thing or just stick to the life stuff?
Toodles xxx

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