Saturday, 15 October 2011

My retail therapy haul :)

Considering I am a poor student, I spent more than I should have.
But Bangor is pretty small, with not too many mainstream shops (we don't even have a primark!), so I didn't go overboard.
Firstly, I bought a top from New Look, I've been looking for one similar for quite a while and then when I saw this one and it was on sale, I just had to get it! Thankfully, I still fit into children's sizes, so this one is a size 14-15yrs top. They did have the exact same top but in a women's size 6, but it was a pound dearer, so I went for the children's one.

This was £11.99 down to £5, so was very chuffed at my bargain :)

I then went to the sale rails of the women's, and found this dress. I wore it today and didn't take a picture of it before I put it on, so this is it being modelled haha.

This was £9.99 down to £5, and below is how I fashioned it. The leggings were from H&M, the belt from Peacocks and cardigan from TU in Sainsburys.

I would also like to mention that the biggest mirror is the one above in the bathroom, but the only way I can make it full length is if I stand on my chair, hence the whole standing on a chair thing! :)

Next I bought a necklace, again from New Look, and again on sale!
I've been looking for another long one which is pretty for a while, and I couldn't say no hehe.

The detail is really cute. This was £5 down to £2.50... I know, bargains galore!

Next I went to H&M and bought these beautiful colours. I realise I'm repeating myself, but I really have been looking for some nail varnishes these colours, and they were so cheap considering.
They're actually Disney varnishes, and have Bambi on the front which is really cute :)

The pink is called Pink Skies, and is a really cute pale pink, it's got a shine with it, but mostly Matte. It's a really lovely block colour, and will go with most things.

The blue is much like the name suggests, an icey blue, its very similar in it's matte-ness with a slight shine.

They're both really nice colours and would really recommend them.

I've had lots of compliments on my nails since applying them, and the photo really doesn't do them justice! They were both £1.99 each.

That is my haul :)
Will do a more lifestyle update soon!
Hope you're all well xxx

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