Tuesday, 11 October 2011

It's the little things.

So anyone who read my previous blog post knows I was really homesick, if you haven't and want to, you can read it here...
I wrote it on Sunday, and posted it on Monday. You should know that things have really gotten better and I feel a lot more at peace now.
On Monday evening I went to 'a fresh start', which was a socially kind of meet up organised by a local church with masses of free tea and cake. Now when I say masses, I mean masses.
I'm not usually a cake person, and icing person yes, cake, no. But I managed to eat 4 cupcakes and 3 cups of tea..and boy did I feel fat afterwards! I was definitely grateful for the walk home to walk off a few calories! But I sat with my friends, and it was really nice to get out of my flat and talk to other people about different things, and that made me feel a lot better :)

This morning was horrific, not because I was homesick or anything but because I had an 8am maths lecture! Who on earth would make anyone get up that early to do maths?! It was still dark when I left my halls! But anyway, after the lecture which was horrible, I checked my mail. I check it in the hope of someone sending me something, because I love getting letters! I save them all, and it's such a special thing to know that someone put effort and time to send me something! 
I usually have nothing, in fact, I always have nothing. BUT today was different!
I had a parcel waiting for me :D
A couple in my church sent me a card updating me on all the going ons in Essex, and sent me some biscuits! I was so touched, and it really made me feel so much better about everything.. and plus, I LOVE biscuits, so that made me so happy too :D

Today I had 4 lectures, starting at 8:00am and ending at 6:00pm, and I am tired!
I was going to go out with the girls of my flat but I'm just so tired I can't bear to bring myself to go. So I 've bought some chocolate (Galaxy Cookie Crumble no less!) and am planning on catching up on some tv with my other flatmate as he decided not to go out either.

To prove I am a lot happier, I even took a picture to prove it! I am aware I look so tired in it, and all my make up has worn off...but hello, I started with an 8am maths lecture!

How is everybody else? 

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